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Anderson Volksmarch Event

This walk is a new county for me, bringing my count of counties walked to 136. Texas has 254 so 127 was half way.

Catherine working start table.

We passed these walkers.


And these walkers also.

Sign says this is a lawyer's office.

War Memorial.

Grimes County Courthouse - 1891.

Confederate Plaza.

Statue in Plaza.

Checkpoint volunteers.

Back of the Steinhaugen Log Cabin.

Front of the Steinhaugen Log Cabin.

Boggess General Store.

Merchandise inside the store.

1st United Methodist Church 1850

Fanthorp Inn was a stagecoach waystation.
Sam Houston and many other notable people
stayed here.


Ed handing me into the stagecoach.

Carol and the stagecoach.

Old Fanthrop Cemetery contains the body
of man the town was named after. He was
the last vice president of the Republic of Texas.

Walkers headed to the cemetery as we were leaving.

Carol petting one of the stagecoach horses.

This one wanted petting too.

Decorated barn.

Walk route circled back by the courthouse.
We went inside.

Court is now in session. Judge Carol presiding.

Front entrance of the courthouse.

Carol and Ed checking out the
Courthouse Antigue Store.

Inside the Antigue Store.

Mr. Ed's Welding.
Metal Art

St. Stanislaus Church.

Walkers from Lake Livingston.

The start/finish is coming into view.

Finish Table Volunteers.

We saw the stagecoach in town as we were leaving.

Vistors: Counter