UT Arlington Walk

Heidi and Gary are start table volunteers.

Fountain at the start.

Neel E. Kearby
World Ward II Hero

Kerwin, Ed, TCW, Carol and Brandy
waiting for the light to change.


Andrew Hayter
"Father of Arlington"

Brandy, Carol, Ed and Kerwin
Bronze music player Levitt Pavilion.

Rock Creek

Memorial to the Columbia Space Shuttle Astronauts inside Nedderman Hall
Kalpana Chawla was a UTA graduate.

UTA mascot is the Mustangs.

Fountain on the UTA Campus

Kerwin and Ed climbing Fountain stairs.

Passed these walkers.

Approaching another fountain.

View of the fountain.

Path followed the creek.

Posing on the bridge over the creek.

Returning from a visit to the cemetery in the background. Berachah Cemetery is an unusual burial plot, resting on the site of the old Berachah Home for Unwed Mothers. There are more than 80 graves here from the early 1900's. Many of them infants with no names. Home closed in 1935.

Gary working checkpoint #1.


Checkpoint #2 volunteer.

Waiting for Carol.

Creek is much prettier here.

Nice walkway over the creek.

Crossing the creek.

University of Texas at Arlington.

Another nice fountain.

UTA Planetarium.

Very nice.

Club President - Susan Fine.

Ed and Anna working finish table.

Babe's Chicken Restaurant was conveniently located across from the start.

We went ahead and ate lunch here.

Train on the shelf above our table.