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bouldin creek year round event in austin

Bouldin Creek YRE
Walked 07/16/2011

Col. James Bouldin was a prominent rancher. He owned an estate that stretched from the Colorado River to what is now William Cannon Drive. Col. Bouldin died in 1876 and his son David inherited the estate. After David's death in 1902 his descendants began to subdivide and sell off the estate which became the Bouldin and South Heights neighborhoods.

Passing the Palmer Events Center.

Carol and Ed entering the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt. volksmarchers

There was some steps.

View of the trail.

Several downed trees.

Crossing the dry creek.

House is painted lavender
Landscaping done in purple plants.

Lots of hills.

Nice plain house.

Wavy cactus.

New Austin public library - opened 2010.

Toy cannon in Ricky Guerrero Park.


Would this count as a mural?
Mosiac Phoenix.

Ed checking out more artwork.

A dove.

Whole block has the mosiac artwork.

Strawberry cactus.

Looks like a trail down the middle of the creek.

Historic home built in 1892.
One of the few homes in South Austin with a basement.

I've seen these on TV, first time in real life.

The Cadillac was at this drive-in
Fran's Hamburgers Since 1973.

Nice mural.

Goodwill Baptist Church.

Eclectic House

Ed viewing the house.

1942 Truck.

Bouldin Castle built in 1940 as a Catholic Missionary Church.

Yard art.

Trash container in the park covered in tile.