Coon Rapids Convention Event

Heading out on the walking trail in the early morning fog.

Carol wearing her souvenior t-shirt from the Bob Kerry bridge.

Another view of the fog.

Carol and Ed on a nice hill.


Ed and a volksmarcher from Wisconsin.

Carol and volksmarcher from Wisconsin.

Passed this volksmarcher and chatted for awhile.

Garst Farmhouse.

Putting bandaids on blisters.

Fog is clearing off and it's getting hot.


This volksmarcher looks familiar. I think she is from San Antonio.

Trail went to natural surface.

Dead tree reflected in pond.

Tunnel under Hwy 141. volksmarchers

Hybrid Icons by David Dahlquist.


Checkpoint Volunteers.

Ed and Mable.

Young man selling racoon hats.

WWII Veterna's Memoria.

Pretty Lilies.

They are ready for the 4th of July.

Back on the Trail.
Nice swinging bridge.

Creek the bridge was over.

There were babies running around, but couldn't catch them on camera.

Walkers coming along behind us.

White flowers lining trail are "stick tights".

Ducks on another pond.

The end is in site.

Approaching the start/finish.

Other end of start/finish.

Getting my book stamped.