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Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Walk

This was day 1 of the Walking Convention Events in Iowa. We signed up at Hurrah’s and rode a bus to the walk start. It was raining as we headed out. We were crossing the Missouri River over into Omaha. The Missouri was 30 ft above flood stage!

Walk registration for those not pre-registered.

Group of Texans waiting for the bus
ride to walk start location.

Walk Director of the Bridge Walk.

Ed and Carol heading out in the rain.

Flooded Missouri.

Beautiful Bridge.

Ed and Carol in the Bridge.

A really long bridge.

The Monument to Labor sculpture on the Omaha riverfront is underwater as river floods.

Tents set up for College Baseball World Series.

Looking back at the bridge we just crossed.

Checkpoint volunteers at National Parks Building.

Stone art near National Park Building.

Another stone art figure.

We crossed another bridge to Qwest Center.

Neat statues in front of the Omaha Convention Center.

Ed sharing his umbrella with the saxaphone player.

Mime bowing to Carol.

Stilt walker.

Commemorating 50 year of the College World Series
being held in Omaha (1999).

Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park

Wagon Train Heading West

More of the Wagon Trail

Another Wagon.

Carol waiting for me to finish taking pictures.

Yet another wagon.

Buffalo fleeing from the wagon train.

Display consists of over 100 bronze pieces.

This was my favorite piece.

The buffalo startle geese into flight.

Geese on the wing.

Blocks away is this display entitled "Heritage".

Bridge over small lagoon.

Looked like swans.

Arches from the former US Natl Bank Bldg that stood on the corner of 12th & Farnum. Built in 1887 it was a fine example of Romanesqu architecture. Built of Ohio blue stone (a type of limestone) it was reconstructed at this site 1979.

This is not on the walk route. We've gone wandering in search of Souvenirs.

Really great cones dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts!

Memorial to those who fought that we might remain free.

Waiting again for me to quit taking pictures.

Nice fountain.

Nice waterfalls.

Small island in the lagoon.

Four of the many geese in the area.

Susan caught up with us and finished the event with us.

Looking back at the covered bridge.

Back on the Pedestrian bridge we saw lots of walkers.

Some of whom we knew!