10K Brickyard Canal Walk

Oklahoma City, OK
June 16, 2011

Siba and Carol We were starting the walk, Siba was just finishing up.
Good to see a familiar face in a strange place.

City Church.

Carol spotted this display of old cars.
54 Buick Skylark
Historic Automobile Alley.

Beautiful Buffalo inside the Packard Dealership.

Office of the City Seninel Newspaper.

Federal Building.

Sculpture and reflection.
Another buffalo just a little off route.

Mural along Gaylord Blvd.

Start of the trail along the canal.

The brickyard canal area was created
from the warehouse District.

Restaurants and night clubs are located along the canal.

Another nice mural.

First of several waterfalls.

Carol and Ed at the Centennial Land Run Monument.

More of the Sculptures.

These are on other side of canal.

Another beautiful waterfall.

Redwinged Blackbird.

Walk returned to city streets

This buffalo is in front of the Santa Fe Railroad
Depot still in use by Amtrak.

Due to construction we had to revise the route.
Found this old car.

Waterfall at the entrance to Myriad Gardens.

Inside the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory.

View from one of the windows inside the Crystal Bridge.

Touring the Crystal Bridge isn't
on the walk route.









OKC Museum of Art.

Just inside the entrance.

Glass horns like those on the first buffalo.


"Jesus Weeps" sculpture across the street from the Memorial of
the Alfred Murrah Federal Building.

Memorial of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building.

Another Buffalo.

Central High School built 1910
Now American Mutaul Insurance

The dome of City Church.
We are almost done.