5K Living History Farms

Urbandale, IA
June 21, 2011

Leaving the Visitor's Center we headed into the town. It was reported to me that the people in this picture are from Joplin, MO. Included in the group is the SC Regional Director, Glen Conyers (Conv bandana and Conv shirt); and his wife Doris behind him (gray shirt).

Carol and Ed on the tractor road headed toward the tunnel.

Windmill is part of the 1900 Farm display.

Conference Center, closed because of a day camp.

Checkpoint Volunteers.

Rain swollen stream.

Log Stagecoach Building.
Getting hot.

School House.

Flynn House - Original to this site.

Carol in the Parlor area.

Boys bedroom upstairs.

Girls bedroom upstairs.

Ed checked out the blacksmiths.

Inside of Church of the Land. Built in 1982 on the spot
where Pope John Paul stood to say mass in 1979.

View of the town from Church.

Church of the Land.

Texans just heading out on the walk.

Tangen Home.
Ed resting while Carol and I toured house.

6K Clive Walk

This was to be a 5K loop, due to flooding
it became a 6K out and back.

Volksmarchers headed back in.
The first two walkers are Lucy Yother (KS, blue shirt)
& Kirsten Andreassen (Ontario, Canada, green Convention shirt).

volksmarchers Brooke, Susan, Helen and Guni.
We were headed in, they were headed out.

Additional Living History Farm Exploration

After completing the event and getting our book stamped we took the tractor trailer ride which took us out and dropped us by a nature trail that let to the Ioway Indian Camp and the 1850 Pioneer Farm.

The Nature Trail
The Ioway camp.

Pigs on the 1850 Farm.