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Comfort, TX Easter Volksmarch

Rick directing the parking.

Walker registration table.

Elaine Ward.

Ed and I.

Walkers ahead of us.

Carol and Ed.

Walkers coming down the hill behind us.

Free range. No fences between us and the cattle.

Part of the route was out and back.
These walkers are headed back in.

So were these.

House on the hill.

Getting a hug from Rose.


View of the hills.

Darlene and Pat working checkpoint.

Outdoor area at Singing Waters Winery.

Another patio area at Singing Waters.

Visitor's Center at Singing Waters.

Yard Art.

Martin found an egg.

Checkpoint #2 at Bending Branch Winery.

Cute furry baby.

Walkers on the road ahead.

Blooming Cactus.

Riven Rock Ranch.

Walkers coming along behind us.

Entrance to Riven Rock Ranch.

View of the Guadalupe River.

Tree lined entrance to Herman Son's Camp.