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Galveston Tree Sculpture Volksmarch Event

On Sep 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike covered most of the island in a tidal surge. The combination of powerful wind and waves uprooted many trees, but ultimately the salty water led to the demise of thousands of others. Ike destroyed much of Galveston's beautiful tree canopy. Months later artists carved the tree stumps into things of beauty. Whimsical carvings replaced the majestic oaks that once lined the streets. This walking event took us by these wonderful sculptures.

Walk start inside the Mosquito Cafe.

Ed with our first wood sculpture
Mermaid holding a clam shell.

I so enjoy looking at the homes on Galveston Island.

This church is still boarded up.

Another carving.

Ed and Carol.

This carving is in honor of King Wallis Vidor, one of the directors of the Wizard of OZ film. He was born in the house in 1894.

Carol and some white roses.

The roses in Galveston were wonderful.

There were lots of beautiful evergreens.
Evidently not effected by the salt water.

Carving in memory of the Lost Oaks.

Unfortunately not all of the grand
old homes have been repaired.

Mermaid and dolphins.

Checkpoint #1 volunteer.

This carving is called "Birds of Galveston"

The walk has taken us out to the
Seawall for a view of the Gulf.

Checkpoint #2 Volunteer.

Looks like a great place to eat.

The damaged Flagship Hotel.

Part of a statue on Broadway.

Part of a mural.

Another nice mural.

The Strand.

We stopped in this store.

Lots of atmosphere.

Carol bought some glasses for Marti Gras.

I liked this house.

The front was even better.

More lovely rose gardens.

And another.

Finish volunteers have moved outside onto the patio.


On the way to lunch we passed these walkers from Dallas Area. Marilyn, Helen, Deborah and Alice. Enjoyed stopping to chat with y'all.

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