Lake Whitney Volksmarch

This Sunday event was the last of a three day event weekend. The walk was at Plowman Creek Park, which is run by the Corp of Engineers. Walk was mostly flat with a mixture of woodlands and grasslands. It made it up to 85 so it was plenty warm.

Walking from the parking area to the start.

Walk registration table manned by Karl and Beverly.

Walkers ahead of us in the grasslands.

Beginning of the woods.

Ed and Brandy.

Trees created a tunnel effect.

This was an out and back trail.

Dave and Deborah.


First time volksmarchers from Cleburne.

5K Checkpoint Volunteer.

Nice creek area.

Creek made ripples in the limerock bottom.

This group did the 15K.

One of the few hills.

10K Checkpoint manned by Gary and Heidi.
We turned around here.

Gary's almost to the 10K checkpoint.

Brandy spotted this rock wall.

Another 15K walker passed us.

Helen on the way out.

View of the lake thru the trees.

Karl and Kyle.

Ed and Karl.

Anna and Beverly.

Better view of Lake Whitney.

The finish is in site.

Bill Hamilton, SW Regional Director
Stamping our books for us.

We brought Jason's Deli with us and enjoyed our picnic.

View of Lake Whitney from our picnic table.