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Olmos Park
Trinity University Volksmarch


Walk Registration table.

Nice tiger sculpture.   



Caught her in the middle of a sneeze I think.  


Beautiful homes in this area.

Liked this pretty fountain.



Cyclamen Plants.

Volksmarchers headed back in.   


Checkpoint #1.
Sunlight ruined this picture.

The dam.   


Nice house up on the hill.

View of the road.   


Nice fall decorations.

An Elementary School Building.   


Pretty Church.

Checkpoint #2.   


Me pointing out my name on the 2009 seatcover.

Toilet Seat Museum.   


More of the Museum.

Barney's seatcover.   


Cactus wreath.
I thought it was metal.
It's not. It's real cactus pads.

Carol and a colorful wreath.   


Rick and Carol
Rick was manning Checkpoint #1
when we passed back by.

Nicole and her daughter.   


Me, Wayne and his wife,Brandyn.

Taking a short rest.
The lady in blue was the person in the sunlight
in the checkpoint #1 picture!



Walkers headed out.