Sonora Seasonal Event (Sutton County)
Walked 10/05/2011

volksmarchers Brook, Helen and Carol at
Eaton Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.

Carol on trail ahead of me.

Black Jack Ketchum's campsite. Black Jack (real name Thomas or Tom)
had a brother Berry Ketchum who had a ranch on the Pecos River near Sonora.

First of several rock ponds.

Old Glory waves at the top of the hill.

Larger pond at the top of the hill.

Community Prayer garden.

Very nice home.

Historical Mercantile Building.

Veteran's Memorial.

Sutton County Courthouse.

Carol in Judge's Chair.

Historic Jail (now a museum).

Original Train Depot (1930s).

Lovely home.

Antique Store.

Another nice home.

School Building.

Lillian Hudspeth Hospital.

Carol on I-10 Service Road.

Approaching Sonora Cemetery.

Leaving the Cemetery you can see the flag on Eaton Hill in the distance.