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Corpus Christi, TX YRE

This walking tour of Corpus Christi starts at the Bayfront Plaza Hotel at 601 N. Water Street.

Metal Sculpture on wall of Bayfront Plaza Hotel.

Looking up at the floors of the Bayfront Plaza Hotel.

International Seaman's Center.

Colonial Revival Style Home Built 1907-08.

Statue at Museum of Natural History.

Statue on the Seawall.
Was it made this way or has it been broken?

Seawall has these pavillions that contain historical markers.

Ed and Carol inside one of the pavillions.

Palm trees along the seawall.

Water garden on the other side of the palm trees.

Pelican on a sparkling sea.

Old building in need of restoration.

Looking toward the marina.

Fishing boat with gulls circling.

Pelicans waiting for fish parts to be discarded.

Memorial to Selena.

Statue of Selena

Replica of the Nina.
Sailed from Spain in 1992.

Jesus calming the sea.

Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal
Current Building built in 1926.

Corpus Christi Cathedral
Constructed 1940.

Another look at the Cathedral.

Carol and a Lilac bush.

Veteran's Memorial made with Hillside Letters.
Below the Cathedral.