Gonzales, Texas

Old Jail is start location. It is now a Museum. Built in 1887 it was in use until 1975. John Wesley Hardin was jailed here.

Wind vane on top of Fire House.

Gonzales County Courthouse - 1896.

First Baptist Church - 1903.

volksmarchers Carol and Ed.

Iris in bloom.

Home built of Florida Cyprus and Curly Pine - 1902
Original home built in 1840.
Moved and remodeled in 1885.




Texas Hero Square.

Went back by the firehouse. Fountain out front.

Confederate Square.

Randal-Rather Building Built in 1896.
Roman Revival Style made of Gonzales brick.

First house in Gonzales to use natural gas.

Home is still owned by descendants of the original owners.



Another view of the same house.

New Orleans Style Cottage - 1907.

Queen Ann Style - 1895.

Memorial to the 32 men/boys who fought their way INTO the Alamo to answer Col Travis' call for re-inforcement. They all died there.

Home of Sarah Ponton Eggleston. Married at the age of 15, she gave birth to her 1st son across the river from San Jacinto battlefield. She lived in this two-room house with her husband, five children, and her mother!