Laredo Seasonal Event

Fort McIntosh 1849 - 1947.
Now Laredo Community College Campus.

Palamino Statue (their mascot).

volksmarchers Commanding Officer's Quarters


Across the border is Old Mexico.

Old Barracks Building.

Sign as we leave the Fort/Campus.

Nice old house.

Orange Tree.

The Laredo US Post Office, Court House and Custom House, also known as the
Laredo Federal Building, is on the US National Register of Historic Places.

Hotel Hamilton
now a Senior Living Facility.

Carol took a closeup of the tilework.

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.

Inside the Hotel Hamilton.

Pretty Fountain.

St. Augustin de Laredo Church (founded 1755).

This adobe bldg was capitol of the
Republic of The Rio Grande (1839-1840).

This statue of Gen. Zaragosa stands facing south
toward Mexico in historic San Agustin Plaza.
View of the International Bridge to Mexico.

Leyendecker House.

Sculpture at Performing Arts Center.