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Museum of Natural History
Corpus Christi, TX
March 10, 2011

The 3 Replicas of Columbus ships (Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria) which sailed from Spain in 1992 in honor of Columbus' voyage 500 years earlier were originally on display in the Harbor. But a barge hit and sunk the Santa Maria, and the Pinta. They are both now on display at the Museum of Natural History. The Nina we saw over at the Corpus Christi Marina, but you could not go on board. They let you go aboard the Pinta for a tour. We got to the Museum just as a tour was starting.

The Santa Maria replica. This is the ship Columbus sailed on.

This is aboard the Pinta. A much smaller ship.

Santa Maria.

How they cooked aboard the wooden ship.

After the ship tour we just wandered around the Museum Displays.

This was a beautiful purple which the photo didn't capture.

Shells just like the ones we'd picked up earlier.

Live Turtle