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City and Beach Walk
Port Aransas, TX YRE

Walk Start at the Tarpon Inn.
It was first opened in 1886.
The 1st Inn burned.
The 2nd was destroyed by 1919 Hurricane.
This is the 3rd Inn and it was built in 1923.
Franklin D. Roosevelt stayed here in 1937.

The Inn has a nice restful veranda.
Carol's Picture.

There we lots of these boats around town.

Pretty House.

Ed tried his hand at surfing.

Nice Carving.

Welcome Sign.

Neat seahorses.
Carol's Picture

Carol and Ed along the ship channel.

There was an observation tower. I'm looking down from it on Ed walking below.

View along ship channel from the tower.
This is Roberts Point Park.

View of the marina from the tower.

Mural on side of restaurant.

Tarpon outside the Civic Center.

Display inside the Civic Center.

Mural on the side of the Water Treatment Tanks.

More nice carvings.

Carol at entrance to a store.

Ed and I.

Cutouts outside a restaurant.

Dunes along the beach.

Flock of seagulls.


Ed and I walking the beach.

Seagulls all lined up for me.

Fisherman and his friend.

Waves breaking on the jetty.

Ed and I.

Fisherman fed his friend.
Carol's Picture


Walking back along the jetty.

Texas Marine Science Center in background.

This is a park area behind the Center.

Pretty House very near the beach.
Wouldn't it be great to live here.