2011 TVA Reunion Event

Walburg, Texas
13K Sunday, March 6

Back of stone bench at start area.

Ed and I sitting on the bench.

Longhorn in pasture.

Lutheran Church that walk route passed.

Walk past the cemetery.

Redbuds in bloom.

This church is our goal.
We will turn around there.
Cardinal in flight.

Just a view of open country.

Creek that we crossed.

Met a new walker from Austin.
This was her second event.


Catholic Church (Turnaround Point).

Sherri talking to Frank at Checkpoint.

Carol and Ed headed back in.

Moravian Hall (Opened 1918).

We met this walker who was outbound.

Starting to warm up.

volksmarchers Nice group of outbound walkers.

Another pretty tree in bloom.

We met Allen.

More walkers outbound.

That same longhorn.

Old farm equipment.

Pat and Darlene working start table.
Finish Table.

Mural inside the German Restaurant in Walburg.

Walkers at finish table.

Arlene Miller
(Candidate for SW Regional Director).