Texas State Aquarium
Corpus Christi, TX

Sea Otter Sculpture at Aquarium Entrance.

Ed and I

Sea Turtle

Sting Ray

Carol holding a sea urchin.

Stuffed one hanging from ceiling.

Unsociable shark.

Don't know what a snake was doing here.


Another Stingray

Jelly Fish

Another kind of Jelly Fish.

Sea Otter.

Carol's picture of the Sea Otter.

Harbor Bridge.

Dolphin Tank.

There were three, but these two stayed together.

Sea Turtles.

There were too many to count.

Carol's picture of the alligator.

Bald Eagle.

Ed and the Lexington.

They were flying this hawk.

Sting Ray in a shallow tank so you could pet them.

They have removed their barbed tails.