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Galveston Tree Sculpture Volksmarch

On Sep 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike covered most of the island in a tidal surge. The combination of powerful wind and waves uprooted many trees, but ultimately the salty water led to the demise of thousands of others. Ike destroyed much of Galveston's beautiful tree canopy. Months later artists carved the tree stumps into things of beauty. Whimsical carvings replaced the majestic oaks that once lined the streets. This walking event took us by these wonderful sculptures.

Kerwin and Tim with the Mermaid sculpture.

Pelican is ready for Christmas.

I so enjoy looking at the homes on Galveston Island.

This church is no longer boarded up.

Another house I liked.

Pink plant highlights the carving.

volksmarchers Ed, Tim and Kerwin.

Tin Man in corner of yard is in honor of King Wallis Vidor, one of the directors of the Wizard of OZ film. He was born in the house in 1894.

Ed and I in front of beautiful Bouganvilla.

A carving in progress.

Dolphins, Mermaid, Kerwin and Tim.

Spotted these a little off the walk route.

Ed and I with the "Birds of Galveston" sculpture.

Go Texans!

Captain Jack's on the Seawall.

Nice Mural.

Building just off the Strand.

The Grand - 1894. The Official Opera House of Texas.

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