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Yoakum, TX Volksmarch

Start location was Fat Albert's BBQ.
It was open for breakfast.


Pat and Darlene at Registration Table.

Carol at the start table.  


Nice marker for downtown Yoakum.

Yoakum National Bank.



Building built in 1912.

Ed and Carol.   


Nice sign, but building was vacant.

Cute house caught my eye.   


This one was across the street.

First Presbyterian Church.   


Another great house.

Heritage Museum.   


Church of the Holy Communion 1892.

Nice home with round room.   




Liked the widow's walk on top.



My personal favorite.

Bill and Charlaine.   


Ed and Carol at Checkpoint #2.

Walkers from San Marcos.   



St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

Volksmarchers reading the sign.   


Nice mural, is that Program started yet?

Ellen stamping my books.   


Brandyn and Wayne just registering.